We assume that you must heard about Custom Roms and Rooting of a device. Also, many of us are not able to figure out what it means and how Custom ROMS helps to enhance performance. In this, we will be providing sources to easily root and install Lineage OS on any android device. If you have a question How to Install Lineage OS just go through the process. You will be able to install Lineage OS on any lineage supported device.

Android Devices come with a preinstalled OS or ROM known as Stock ROM. Stock ROMS provide great stability and support. They are complete in themselves. Though they do not provide more customizations hence we have Custom ROMS which provide a complete control over our device. Installing Custom ROMS are easy if you follow all the steps correctly. Even if something went wrong (Except hard brick) you can revive your device to its original form.

Customizations by using Custom ROMS

Custom ROMS are great. They provide great customizations like:

  • Change Boot Animation
  • Try out different themes (Eg: Substratum)
  • Install the latest Android OS available for your device
  • Performance tweaks
  • Enhance Battery life to some extent


Some of the popular Custom ROMS are:

In this, we are going to provide basic steps that you need to follow while installing a Custom Rom. We have taken Lineage OS under consideration. The process is the same for all the ROMS. However for a complete guide of installation for a specific device. Either Comment your device. We will provide a complete a step to step guide which will help you out.

How to Install Lineage OS Process

Pre-requisite for installing any Custom ROM:

  • A Rooted Device
  • A working Custom Recovery (Stock recovery will not work at all).
  • Necessary files required during installation. These will be all your drivers, ROM files, Recovery file, Google Apps etc.
  • If you have all these things for your device then you are good to go.

Basic Steps to Install Lineage OS:

  • Install all the necessary drivers like USB drivers, PC Suite (if any) or any other drivers.
  • Root your device first. NOTE: Rooting your device will cancel Warranty of your device.
  • Install Custom Recovery for your device from a good source. We prefer to go with TWRP or CWM Recovery. They are supposed to provide good compatibility.
  • Back up your data before doing anything.
  • Back up your Current Android OS before Installing (Flashing) Custom ROM
  • Now go into developer settings and enable OEM Unlocking
  • Unlock Your Bootloader
  • Flash Recovery file
  • Boot into Custom Recovery and Flash Custom ROM (Lineage OS) File
  •  Now again Boot into Recovery Mode and Flash (Install) Google Apps for your device.
  • Restart the device and play with Custom ROM

Unlocking Bootloader:

We recommend using ADB to Flash Custom Recovery. ADB provides a safer way to install anything onto your Android device without transmitting any malware. Using ADB is easy just a few commands can help you out like:

adb devices // Ensure your device is properly connected

adb reboot bootloader // The command will get you into fastbootmode

fastboot flash recovery TWRP.img // Initialization of flash process

These are some commands which you are going to use. You can find some more of them here. Basic ADB Commands.

*You can comment your device name for which you want a complete flashing guide. We assure you that we will provide an easy way to do it. You will feel rooting and custom ROMS are not hard things to do.

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