Google Search

Google is the most popular Internet search engine out there. Whenever we open up the browser, without thinking anything we move towards Google. And then start searching the desired things. Many of us find the accurate result as we want. But, there are some of us those struggle to find a good and accurate result. In this, we have listed some ways by which you can Google the most popular search engine properly.

These few tips and tricks will surely help you to get the most out of the search engine. This guide will help you with not only Google but with any Internet search engine.

Ways to Google Google properly

1. Refine your search

While you are searching you might be aware of what type of content you are looking for. Content can be Music, Video, NEWS, Image etc. So according to these, you can refine your web search. This will surely be going to help you to find the correct information. Moreover, this will also save you precious time. Hence always refine your search as per your requirement.

2. Search from a site similar to favourite one

You might be having some sites like your favourite So you can filter your search result with sites similar rating as to your favourite site. Use the keyword “related” to use this feature. For example, you can work like this. Android News related This will give some of the best results according to your favourite websites.

3. Search From Image

Google offers users to search for things from Images. This feature is kind of a year or two old. But many of us might not be knowing about this. If you have any image on your PC, just drag it into the search bar of Google Image. You will get results related to this image and some search query as well.

4. Search For Accurate File Type

Sometimes we might have to search for some research papers. We might get it quickly but what if we are spending hours and still gets nothing. If you know the format in which you need to search for a particular document like PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT etc. Thence you can use “filetype” keyword to into your search query and you will get results having PDF’s or DOC’s or PPT’s etc as per the input filetype.

5. No Need to Google Google Again and Again

If you love the content of any blog, video etc just like you do for Gizmeek. You can turn on notifications. So that whenever there is a new update you will be notified and you do not need to Google that particular thing.