Opinions are the yardsticks by which people measure their perspectives on the world. Therefore, they play a significant role in driving the decisions people make. Over the internet, everyone is entitled to voicing an opinion, be it negative or positive it affects the purchasing decisions of the mainstream online shoppers.

People often check for reviews before they buy a product online when they are about to download an app, when they are sceptical about purchasing a few movie tickets or when they are looking for a great restaurant to dine at.

When it comes to mobile phone applications, reviews majorly affect their visibility in the app store search results. If you thought, getting an app developed at a mobile app development company was the challenging part of the process then you better think again! As the most challenging part of the process is app store optimization and getting positive reviews.

A short guide for app store optimization:

The real algorithm for app store optimization is unexplained, and it varies frequently. However, there are certain things which affect your app store ranking, by using these methods, you will be able to make your application rank higher in Google’s search engine. 

  1. Use a relatable, understandable title.
  2. Give a good app description.
  3. Use keywords wisely.
  4. Add a video for an app preview.
  5. Use high-quality screenshots.
  6. Focus on designing a unique icon.
  7. Focus on getting positive reviews for your application.

However, due to the fact that the app store is crowded with millions of mobile applications. The struggle for being the best-rated application is becoming more demanding. If you are looking for generating positive reviews for your application to give it the boost that it needs, then you will need more positive reviews than you have family, friends, or work colleagues to provide them.

Your application will not get the best public response overnight. Therefore, you should not expect waves of people to go out of their way to giving you a positive review or rating. The chances are that the only people who will be going back to the app store for sharing their thoughts are the ones who have had a bad experience with your app.

However, for getting positive app reviews and ratings, there a few steps which you can follow.

1. Think about getting an app review plugin:

If you want something, you need to ask for it. The best way for getting an app review from someone is by asking him or her for one. There are numerous plugins available for both Android and iOS apps. Which makes it easier for the user to rate your app and to leave a comment.

Getting a plugin for your mobile app will allow you to get swift user reviews and responses after the user has used the application for a certain amount of time. However, displaying the review popup too soon or after short time intervals will only annoy the user; therefore, you have to be cautious when you are setting up your app review plugin.

2. Make it easy for your user:

back in the days reviewing an app had a whole process going on behind it, people were requested to go to the app store and look for the application they wanted to review or rate and then they had to make an account and fill out a review form, and that resulted in fewer and fewer customer responses and rating.

If you want to get your mobile app reviewed, then make it easier for your user to do so. You can request a review or a rating inside the application itself. The user will only have to tap the number of stars inside the pop-up window. This process will make it a lot easier for you to get a star rating.

After they have rated your app, you can ask them for a detailed review, and as your app user will have taken out the time to evaluate your app, they will most likely go to the next step.

3. Provide your customers with premium support services.

The best way to get a useful app review is to provide your application users with the best customer support services and for doing that, the most valid approach is not to take the conventional route. Most applications have a send feedback button that opens up an email window, which is basic and conventional. However, you can integrate a smart customer support platform in your application for your users.

It will allow you to communicate with your customers directly through a live two-way instant messaging window. There are many mobile app customer support platforms like revTwo, help shift, and many others. Using these tools, you can help your, customers, quickly and after you have assisted your customer, you can ask for a review form them. By sending them a link or by giving them a send feedback button will minimize negative reviews.

4. You need to time your app’s review prompts:

Reminding your user to leave a review is great, but what matters is how often you do that. It is essential for you to time your review prompts appropriately. The best thing to do is to avoid asking for reviews right after the user downloads and starts the application, which disturbs the typical user flow and results in poor user experience.

Therefore, the most beneficial thing to do is to wait until the user uses your application a few times, or performs specific tasks using your mobile app and then ask for a review

5. Add a reward system: 

What can be better than acquiring a gift for leaving a positive app review and who wouldn’t want that. There are many forums where app developers run contests and giveaways for receiving positive app reviews.

If you want to run a contest, you can give away anything like an iTunes gift card to your customer. You can also PayPal, the winner. Reviewers will leave their google play username within your threads. Moreover, you will have the option to select a winner randomly


Receiving good app reviews and a five-star rating is essential if you want to have an app with a lot of downloads, visibility, and income-generating potential. Therefore, by following the steps explained here, you will have a high chance of standing out amongst millions of apps on the major app stores.