As we all know, an animated video always has more effect than a text or an image. And yet, we often hesitate to take the plunge for fear of complexity. Fortunately, we have found FlexClip for you! It is an online editing tool that makes it easy to create animated videos completely free.

FlexClip is a great tool to give your promos, tutorials and other online presentations a professional look. It is a real online video editing platform that will allow you to combine images, sounds, and videos into multimedia animations easily shareable.

One of the great strengths of FlexClip is that it does not require much learning to achieve quality videos that should impress your audience. The secret lies in a whole series of tools and resources that you will be able to use freely. You have the possibility to add your own images and video clips. In addition to this, FlexClip offers a particularly powerful integrated text editor that gives you many text animations for full customization.

Flexclip Interface

With FlexClip, you get a clean storyboard is used to manage the different elements you uploaded. In an intuitive way, FlexClip allows you to create your own fantastic videos, within which you can insert text and music according to your aspirations.

FlexClip also authorizes you to edit your videos in a headache-free way. You can add and move your watermarks, your logos, etc. on the screen. Also, you can enlarge them, shrink them, change colors, rotate them. You choose when and how visuals, sounds, etc. appear/disappear.

Flexclip Interface

Everything is done by drag and drop. A system for previewing the work facilitates the workflow. You can play your video anytime during its creation.

Based on the cloud technology, it is easy to start your work at home, to continue in the office, or elsewhere. All you need is a web connection. Once the result is to your liking, you can share it on social networks (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) or download it on your computer. With an account, your creations can be edited online at any time even when they are finalized.

My words

The videos have recently been a great success. they are innovative, entertaining and accessible by millions of people on social networks. Marketers have understood this for a long time and use the charm of animated videos. In order to highlight and market their products effectively and win even more customers. You too have an interesting idea and will like to create one? Then simply create your own custom video with FlexClip without spending a lot of money!

FlexClip is a great platform dedicated to the creation of animations and multimedia content. With FlexClip, everyone can make professional videos, without any experience in terms of programming or graphics.

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