Streaming services such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and HULU etc are growing. They feed users with great visual content. You can find lots of shows and movies which you can enjoy in your free time. Having such account surely help in free time, but having many of them will impact your bank balance. So for this, you need to know How To Cancel Subscriptions of Streaming Accounts at Perfect Time.

These streaming services such as Netflix, HBO, Prime are great as they do not bound you to use their service. They provide monthly based subscriptions, so whenever you do not want to continue you can cancel your subscription.

How to Cancel At Perfect Time

Though they provide a facility to cancel your subscription at any time at zero cost. But, you need to know the right time when you should be discontinuing the service. Moreover, then do provide trail sessions during which you can try the service and continue if you want. We need to know how and when to do this.

1. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon provides a free trial for a period of 30 days. After the free trial the subscription cost: $8.99 monthly (Prime Video only), $12.99 monthly (Amazon Prime), $119 annually (Amazon Prime)

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Video

Go to your Amazon account then click on “Prime Box”. Follow through the left column and you will find “Cancel Membership Benefits” under Membership Management.

Some Shows which you can try in trial

  • The Boys season 1 (coming July 26th)
  • Jack Ryan season 2
  • Free Meek (documentary coming summer 2019)
  • Good Omens season 1 (premiered May 31st)
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2. HBO Now


Free trail length for HBO Now is 1 week. After free trial the subscription costs ~ $15 Per Month.

How to cancel HBO Now

The process of cancelling HBO differs depending on how you’ve subscribed to it. If you’re subscribed directly through HBO, you can open the HBO Now app, head to settings, and then pick billing information. Choose HBO as your provider, and then “Cancel membership.”

If you have singed up some other way then follow this: Guide

Some shows worth a free trial

  • Big Little Lies season 2 (premiered June 9th)
  • Chernobyl (season ended June 3rd)
  • His Dark Materials(coming “soon”)
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3. Netflix

How to cancel Netflix

Free trail length for Netflix is 1 month. After free trial the subscription costs $8.99 (basic), $12.99 (standard / HD), $15.99 (premium / 4K)

How to cancel Netflix

Just follow through this link: Cancel Netflix Subscription

Some shows worth a free trial

  • Black Mirror season 5 (premiered June 5th)
  • Stranger Things season 3 (coming July 4th)
  • Try some horror also, I personally love them.
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