Social networking mega giant website Facebook has been surfacing in the recent Cambridge Analytica data scandal. The company has been slapped with lawsuits and many of the popular brands such as Tesla, Playboy and other have deactivated or may be deleted from their respective Facebook accounts.

Facebook is now taking some major steps to fix the damage done and is also working on improving its privacy settings.In order to strengthen their security and privacy settings, Facebook will expand its bug bounty program.Initially, the program was started by Facebook in order to find out the vulnerabilities which enable the hackers to attack the social network.

In an official blog post, Facebook said

Facebook’s bug bounty program will expand so that people can also report to us if they find misuses of data by app developers. We are beginning work on this and will have more details as we finalize the program updates in the coming weeks.

Facebook offers about $100,000 to researchers who find out technical flaws on the websites.

Recently, it was discovered that Facebook tracks its users online and also collect their personal information which even includes the text messages and the call logs. Three users of the Facebook Messenger have filed lawsuits against the company for violating their privacy.

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