Google is always ahead in introducing problem-solving enhancements to its products. Recently, it takes GMAIL to the next level, by introducing Smart Compose Feature. In Google I/O 2018 event we have seen several new things which Google will do in the coming future. As of now, we have Google Maps New Group Feature which will let us work with Google Maps more conveniently.

This new feature of Google Maps will help us in shortlisting several things like restaurants etc. After shortlisting things we can share the list with our family and friends. This would help in deciding which place we should visit in a better way. This may be a small update for Maps, but it would be really helpful.

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How to use Google Maps New Group Feature

  1. Open Google Maps
  2. Turn on your Location Services first or it will prompt to do so.
  3. Search anything like: “Nearby Places to visit”, “Restaurants” etc.
  4. You will have suggestions at the bottom
  5. Touch and hold the places you like
  6. You will a circular bubble that will contain your shortlisting.
  7. Tap on the Bubble
  8. You can now share the shortlisted items with your family and friends.

As per the Company, this group planning feature starts rolling out on Android and iOS this week. To get started, download the Google Maps app or update it from the Play Store or App Store. Besides this, there is one more feature which is introduced. As we know that we earlier have Location sharing in Google Maps and now along with this, we can now track our friends’ battery life.

According to a report by Android Police, the battery sharing feature has been around for some time but was not visible to everyone. Moreover, the feature also didn’t show the exact percentage level of the battery until then. The new feature is said to work in accordance with the location sharing feature of Google Maps.

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