Google the leading tech company always believe in providing users the problem-solving technology. Google io is the most important part of this strategy. They produce some great innovation every year in their Google I/O event.

This year Google I/O event has given some great goodies for the users. We have listed some best things in the event.

Key Points of Google IO 2019 Event

  • Introduction of Android Q
  • Improvements in Duplex
  • Improvements in Google Assistant
  • Integration of Camera and Search
  • Improvements in Google Lens
  • Improved Security
  • Announcement of Google Pixel 3A and 3A XL
  • New Google Nest

Let us look at these points in category for better clarity.

Google IO 2019 – Google Assistant

Google believes in AI and ML. This helps them to advance their Assistant. This year they introduced some great features to Google Assistant. We are going to have support for a long sequence of commands one after another, without any delay. This helps people to avoid saying “OK GOOGLE” or “Hey Google” for every command. This feature is kind of ease for people using Google Assistant regularly.

Duplex is getting new improvements known as Duplex on Web. This enables the user to book something online using voice only, and that too with only one command. Although, at the final stage you just have to check all the details.

Google IO 2019 – Google Maps

Maps will be getting a whole new features such as:

  • Driving Mode
  • Incognito Mode
  • AR Mode for directions (For Pixels)

Driving mode will let the user to interact with their device more conveniently without seeing at the device. This is a great feature and will help a lot of us who navigate while driving.

For incognito mode, it is kind of security and privacy setting for Maps. Just like Incognito mode of Chrome, you will get full privacy while using Maps. Moreover, the blue location dot will be “Black”

AR (Augmented Reality) will bring navigation to come alive. You can navigate easily in real life. This will give directional arrows when you point your camera vertical.

Google IO 2019 – Google Lens

Google Lens is something which gets a lot of new improvements at Google IO. Now with Google Lens, you can view 3D models of images and also view them in real life at your place. Apart from this, Lens will also help you to decide some great things to have at any restaurant (Example given by Google @ Google IO). Moreover, it will also pay off the bill and splits the bill when you scan the bill using Google Lens.

Google IO 2019 – Privacy and Security

This time we do have concern from Google regarding Privacy in Google I/O. We are going to Incognito mode on YouTube, Maps, and other commonly used apps from Google.

Google IO 2019 – Android Q

Google finally announces the latest Android 10 known to be Android Q. Android Q, as usual, will come with great improvements and features. You can have Full Coverage of Android Q:

Android Q Features and Improvements

These are some great announcements in Google IO 2019. Yes, we have to include more like Google nest and Google Pixel 3A and 3A XL. But, we will do a dedicated article on both these goodies. For now, Google nest comes with some great gestures move that will make the use of gadgets handy.

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