Google i/o 2019

Google I/O 2019 is set to take place from May 7-10th in California. This year in January the tech giant has now released a more detailed schedule of proceedings during the 4-day event. Google has posted an initial list of sessions that will take place at the annual developer conference. But this is a pretty sketchy table and specific details will be updated only after the main keynote by CEO Sundar Pichai on May 7th at 10 am.

This event will provide an overview of upcoming changes to Google products and services. It also includes Android and its next version, Android Q. This event will be live streamed, so you won’t be missing out on too much.

On May 8, similar sessions through the day will be held around Digital Wellbeing, connected homes, Google Cast, AR applications, machine learning, Android apps for cars, AR experiences for Google Maps, interactive Google Assistant games, IoT storage, smart displays, and Android machine learning.

The last day is May 9, which starts with even more sessions. It includes Android security, Web apps, the Android Q UI, fairness in machine learning, improving Web app performance, dark themes, AMP for email, Chrome OS apps, and user app engagement. While some sessions over all three days are targeted at beginners. Several will be very specific deep dives for advanced and experienced developers.

The focus of the event

There are sessions scheduled for Android [What’s new in Android], Gaming, Material Design, Chrome, Google Assistant, Machine Learning and AI. There’s also sessions on Android Q’s Dark Mode [Moving Away from the Light with Android Q], Google Coral [Introducing Google Coral: Building On-Device AI], Google Stadia [Stadia Streaming Tech: A Deep Dive], AR for Google Maps [Developing the First AR Experience for Google Maps], Linux on Chrome OS [Linux for Chromebooks: Secure Development], and so much more.

Stay tuned for exhaustive coverage of Google I/O 2019!