We all are using Google from day one when we start to use the internet. But do we know some of the tricks which would help us to get our desired result easily, as the Google is the ocean of knowledge so to get our desired results we must know some of its tricks.

1.  Emphasis on one word.

We can emphasize one word in the result i.e if we want the result from only one source then we can emphasize the source name and we are done. Only those results will be shown which are either from that source or related to the word.
Example: Oreo Update “tech bugle”
Google Tricks

2. Omission of one word from our result.

As by using emphasis trick we can get result related to a particular word here it is just opposite. Here we get the result from those sources which do not contain the omitted word.

Example: Linux distribution -Fedora

Google Tricks


 3. Get result from only one source i.e. from one site.

We can search our result in only one site, and the results are shown only from that site, no result will be included from any other source.
Example: site:techbugle.com android
Google Tricks

4. Asterisk search

Sometimes we forget the exact word which we want to search so in that case, this might help you.
Search that part which you remember and just put an asterisk “*” in that missing word.
What this trick does, it will put some random word matching to the rest of the sentence and you might your expected result.
Example: speed of *
Google Tricks

5. Search the history of the internet.

Sometimes you may want to see results from the past i.e. any past article you want to read related to your topic so, this might help you out.
Just type in your topic put a starting year followed by “..” then ending year, this will search the articles written in the given period of time.
Example: Intel 2009..2012
Google Tricks
6. Search a particular file type.
At some point in time we all google just to get a particular type of file but instead of getting the file we end up finding some websites but the file is not found so, this will help you.
This trick will help you to find a particular file type i.e. this will show you files related to the topic or main search.
Example: filetype:pdf pollution.
Google Tricks

7. Definition.

We all have searched for the definition of some word but get some undesirable hump of results so, here is the solution.
Just type in define: and your word. google will provide the definition of that particular word.
Example: define: technology.
Google Tricks

8. Calculator.

We all may be aware of this thing that Google can be used to calculate arithmetical calculation.
Example: Type in 29+10*6
Google Tricks
9. Conversion.
This is also a common trick which we always use. This helps in all types of conversion related to any quantity. (money,distance,weight etc)
Example: 10kg to pound
Google Tricks