google pixel launch event

This Year Google Event is held at NYC. The event is named as Made By Google. This Event brings new things to us. As we know Google is way ahead in its Research and Development field, it keeps on developing problem-solving tools. This time Google has released its latest version of their Pixel lineup which is Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL. As the event is named as Made by Google so many devices get a bump to their latest versions.

List of Devices from Made By Google Event

  1. Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL
  2. Google Lens
  3. Google Home Hub
  4. Pixel Slate
  5. Pixel Stand
  6. Google Project Stream (Already Posted)

1. Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL

Google Event Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL are the most anticipating devices from Made By Google Event. These are the next generation of Google’s popular Pixel flagship Lineups. As we know these come with the latest configurations that are available in the market at the time of launch. So, we will not tell you about the specifications of the device rather we will tell you what are the newest things that you will get with these devices. Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL will be available in the market at 799USD from October 19. These devices now support Wireless charging. Charging pads are also given from Google as Pixel Stand at 79USD.

Apart from the addition of Wireless charging, there are many camera enhancement. As we know Pixel Devices are known for their Camera performance so Google has introduced something great in the camera department. Pixel cameras now support enhancement Night mode. It also has the smart zoom that uses software to enhance details in zoomed-in images. Like other phone makers, including Samsung and Apple, Google put a big focus on low-light photography and said pictures at night work so well you’ll never need to use the flash (though a flash is still included.). Pixel 3 will come to India on 1 November.

2. Pixel Stand

Made By Google Pixel Stand

A wireless charging pad is introduced by Google in Google event. This pad has launched because the latest Pixel 3 series now support wireless charging. Finally, Google has introduced Wireless charging to their devices. Pixel Stand is a 10 Watt charge so we can say it is a normal charger, not a fast one. But a 10W charger is also decent as a wireless charging point.

The stand changes the way you interact with the phone. The UI changes to be visible from across the room. The alarm is also more thoughtful. The screen, for example, will brighten more slowly.

3. Google Lens

Google lens

Google Lens support is integrated into the phone. Google’s calling such features “superpowers”. Motion AF will continuously track moving objects and maintain focus. Other features will track smiles and take pictures automatically only when you’re smiling. A whole suite of such features will enhance your Google experience.

4. Google Pixel Slate

google pixel slate

Slate is a completely new experience. It’s not a laptop trying to be a tablet or a phone trying to be a tablet. The Pixel Slate features a 290 ppi display, that’s fractionally higher than that of the iPad Pro. It features dual front-firing speakers that deliver “surprisingly big” sound. AI has apparently helped fine-tune the audio output as well. It comes “with surprisingly bug sound” for a great entertaining experience. Pixel Slate buyers will get three months of free YouTube TV.

The 8 MP camera units on the front and back support single-camera portrait mode, just like on the Pixel. Unlike regular Android tablets, the Pixel Slate runs ChromeOS, which seems surprisingly useful in tablet mode. It’s no longer about blowing up a phone UI. The power button is a fingerprint sensor. Pixel Slate supports a keyboard in a folio case. It’s full size and is backlit. There’s also a trackpad. The folio stand is completely adjustable and you can lay the device flat or at any angle.

5. Google Home Hub

google home hub

The Google Home Hub is like a Google Home, with a built-in speaker and Google’s smart assistant. You can ask it to turn on the lights, lock the doors, the weather, how long it will take to get to work and more. But, unlike a Google Home, it also has a built-in display that can show photos and more visual answers to your questions — like a snapshot of the traffic on your commute or the weather forecast. It’s a lot like Amazon’s Echo Show. Or simply it is the upgraded version of Google Home.


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