Google BLunders

Something strange happens this afternoon. Google feeds that is meant to show NEWS and latest updates show something unpredictable.

Trending Section in Google Feeds shows Google. That is “Section” which is meant for trending news and event is showing Google. The link also redirects to Google’s Homepage. This something strange thing to see. Google never shows itself in feeds in past records. This thing can be a mistake by Google. But the thing is the section that should show some latest updates that are trending in the world. And if Google is trending that it should be present in that section whole the year.

Google Blunder
Recorder Video (Google Trends)

Google stays at the trending section for more than 2 Hours. And when the page refreshed it disappears from Trending and everything comes to normal.

We can not say that it can be due to feed settings, as it appears in trending which is way far from settings stuff. As it is based on data which people are searching on a high scale.

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