Google Blog Compass

Bloggers are everywhere these days. Just like us, there are many others that have a working website. A website where they share things according to their favorite niche. Working on a website to make it popular is a hard task. You always have to check the statistics of your website. From where you are getting visitors. Your high times and many more things. For this purpose, we have several tools like Google Analytics, Blogger, WordPress, and many third-party applications. But now we have a new application for this directly from Google. Google recently launched Google Blog Compass. Google Blog compass is preloaded with some minimum but useful features.

Features of Google Blog Compass

  1. Blog Compass includes features of Adwords. Hereby Adwords, it doesn’t mean that it will work like Adwords. We all know there is a Keyword planner feature in Adwords, which help us in finding the correct keyword. Now in Blog Compass, we have the option to follow several topics. This helps us to stay updated with the latest queries related to our niche, which we can later short out on Adwords easily.

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  2. Integration of Google Analytics. As it is Google Blog Compass or Blog Compass By Google, we have an option to integrate Google Analytics. this will provide the latest key stats for our website.
  3. Motivational badges. It includes badges related to several events like pageview, visitors and unique views.
  4. All stats are available on our dashboard in the Application.
  5. Support for Blogger as well as WordPress. It is good that we have integrated support for both Blogger and WordPress.
  6. Stats are a collection of data from different sources like WordPress, blogger, Analytics.


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