Google Assistant

Google wants to deliver the best user experience when it comes to smart home devices and virtual assistants. for which it introduces its new feature Google Routine. it is the feature which makes the Google Assistant perform Multitasking with some voice command. This feature was launched in June 2018, and it becomes really popular.

The feature is quite often seen while setting up alarms in the ‘clock app’ in  Android smartphone in India. It saves a lot of time, effort and truly fusses free. Some people find it little complicated to use this function using the clock app.

Check For Google Assistant Commands

So, here’s how you can make use of Google Routine:-

1) At the time of setting up an alarm, just tap ‘Google Assistant Routine’. Hence, go to the page where all the tasks are assigned for Google Assistant to carry once the alarm is dismissed.

2) At that page, you will get multiple options using which you can manage your tasks. Tell me about my commute, tell me about the weather etc.

3) As soon as you select the tasks, you can manage the order in the manner you want Google Assistants to perform the tasks. You just have to give a single voice command and Google Assistant will then process the rest of the things automatically.

4) If you want your Assistant to play news, chose options from ‘And Then Play’ as this contains choices like podcasts, audiobook etc. This is not it, you can also choose the exact source from where you want your news.

5) Tap to ‘tick mark’ as soon as you are done. Then, you will be instructed to approve to get the information from the assistant even when your phone is locked.

6) That is all. A coloured Google Routine signal will now appear below your alarm to show that you have successfully saved your changes. You just have to give one single voice command and Google Assistant will take care of all your tasks.

Now that Google Routines has started showing up in India inside the ‘clock app’.we expect it to have a deeper integration in other services as well.

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