Google is always a way ahead in its research and development area. In Google IO 2018 event we have seen Google focusing on Artificial Intelligence. Now they have released two apps that would change your life. Google ARCore and Measure app. These two apps work on the AR (Augmented Reality) Concept.

Google ARCore

Google ARCore is the main app that runs the Google Measure App. For understanding, let us take the example of Google Play Services. Google Play Services is required to run all the Google Apps. Just Like Play services, Google ARCore is required to run Measure App. ARCore is Google’s Platform for building AR Experiences.

You can download ARCore Application from Play Store. Link to the Application is given here. ARCore Download

Google Measure App

Google Measure App works along with Google ARCore to estimate length and height of any object around you. These apps will reduce your headache of carrying a ruler to measure objects. But, you must note one thing and that is: Measure app only gives estimate measurements. But sometimes the results are also correct. Being estimate, we get accurate measurements of the objects measured which we tried out. Almost everytime we get closest answers.

You can download Google Measure Application from Play Store. Link to the Application is given here. Google Measure Download

You must note one thing, Google ARCore is not supported by all mobiles phones. Those Smartphones that Supports Google ARCore can download Google ARCore and Measure App and try measuring objects around them.


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