Google the big Tech giant organizes its Google I/O event every year to launch something great, to launch something new, same it does this year. Google organizes Google I/O 2018 event this year on 8 May 2018 in which it introduces some of the new ideas and new techniques to serves us in a better way.

By having a look at Google I/O 2018 event one can clearly conclude that Google is mainly focusing on Artificial Intelligence or the Machine learning, which is a great progress as machines are advancing day by day and involving in our lives at a deeper level. Google itself is in the favor of Machine Learning and hence uses the same to advance their systems, it does not only advances its system but also make it more compatible with the world i.e. Humans.

So, moving forward we have a collected information from Google I/O and placed them in proper order for better understanding, so the list containing Google 2018 main highlights goes like this:

1. Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence in Health - Google I/O 2018 Main Highlight
Google being a Tech Giant is concerned with our health care and is going to implement some machine learning concept for our better health.
So, how this is going to work, according to Google, it will follow a simple thing called observation. Google will monitor one’s health on a regular basis and predict the need for readmission moreover it can predict the chances of a cardiovascular attack in future, if we know all these things then doctors can do much to save us from diseases.

2. Smart Compose

Gmail Smart Compose - Google I/O 2018 Main Highlight
This is one of the fascinating announcement from Google, what it does is that while composing as Email from Gmail it will automatically predict the whole sentence which would be suitable for the Mail according to subject mentioned and the word you are typing, all you need is just to press tab and all done, whole sentence has been written, all you need to do now is just hit the send button.

3. Google Photos

Google Photos Enhancement - Google I/O 2018 Main Highlight
Google Photos is going to a revolutionary change, in coming future we are going to see all new revised Google Photos with almost full inclusion of Artificial Intelligence, this will be more clear from the mentioned list of features which are going to be there in Google Photos:
  • Auto Fix: Google Photo will automatically optimize the photo and gives a pop for auto correct all the issues like brightness, contrast, color saturation at one tap.
  • Convert Images to pdf document on one tap.
  • Black n white to color: This is the most exciting feature which will be there, this will change Black n White photo to a colored one.
  • Automatically determine people in the photos from your contacts and give an option to share photos with them.

4. Google Assistant

Google Assistant - Google I/O 2018 Main Highlight
We all are aware that Google Assistant is improving day by day and doing some cool stuff just by giving voice commands. Voice commands given are now easily understandable by Assistant but in Google I/O 2018 event something new happened:
  • Google Assistant is going to have 6 new voice which will help to produce more natural human voice by the assistant
  • Maybe you want to have some appointment stuff to be booked and you will keep on searching and be calling to the concerned person, so with Google Assistant now you do not have to do this, Assistant will do all these things, it will automatically call the person and will fix an appointment for you, and all you have to do is just sit, relax and give your desired commands.

5. Google Maps

Google Maps - Google I/O 2018 Main Highlight
Google has a main focus on AI and ML (Machine Learning) so it is including its AI technology to all its app to have a better experience, and Google Maps is also not untouched.
There will an update which will combine all the resources like camera, GPS, compass, AI to work together and provide you a better navigation and provide surrounding details.

6. Google Lens

Google Lens - Google I/O 2018 Main Highlight
Who will be unaware of this magical thing, Google Lens is full of AI operations, what it does is that it will extract information from handwritten or printed document and convert it to raw text so that you can have your desired information from the document.
This is not the end, Google Lens not only recognize the text but do the same with materials at which camera is pointing, it will collect all the information about the material from the internet and provide you with the results, now this feature is going to be improved, Google is going to improve Lens in such a way that it will keep on extracting information about the materials as camera points to different location and will show dots that your results are waiting for you to see.

7. Google News

Google News - Google I/O 2018 Main Highlight
Google News one of the news delivering application is also going under renovation, User Interface (UI) of the application is going to be changed which is called as Material Design. This new design will help the user to interact with Google News application easily and gets focused News updates.
This new Google News will have snippets interface which will provide a brief coverage of the News and if a user is interested then it will show the full coverage. Subscribing to a particular News channel is made handy too, just tap that “Subscribe” button and you are done, your NEWS is re-tuned.

7. Android 9 or Android P

Android P - Google I/O 2018 Main Highlight
Last but the most important for which we all are waiting, Android P has been finally released as Beta program for Pixel users. There are tonnes of new features in Android P which we will see in the final release such as:
  • Adapt Battery
  • Dashboard
  • App Times
  • Smart Prediction
Android P is not a short topic to cover as it has many features which you should know so there is another post at which all the features of Android P has been published which you can access here: VISIT HERE.

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