Google I/O 2018 had been held on 8th May 2018 which brings some new ideas and enhancement to our daily technology, Google has been more focused on Artificial Intelligence or the AI as this tends to increase the functionality of today’s technology and hence reduces our efforts. In the big list of different ideas and enhancements we have something for Gmail, Google has announced and functionality increment with the help of AI which is called to be Gmail Smart Compose or just Smart Compose.

Gmail Smart Compose would be beneficial for all as it will show auto-fill suggestions for various Emails you type on the basis of your subject. As this is in an experimental phase and will be out soon for consumers but you can get it now. We have steps which you can follow to get this update plus any upcoming new updates from Google.

Steps to Enable Gmail Smart Compose :

Step 1:

Gmail Settings

Login to your Gmail account, and go to settings by clicking on the gear icon on the right top corner and click ‘Settings’

Step 2:

Gmail Experimental Access

You will be in ‘General’ tab of different settings for your Gmail. Scroll down and you will have an option of ‘Experimental Access’, tick this and reload Gmail.

Step 3:

Gmail Smart Compose

Again go to settings where you were before, now you will see an option for Sart Compose, select ‘Writing suggestions ON’ and reload Gmail.

You are all set to use Smart Compose Feature for your Gmail account, now you will get suggestions based on your subject as you type. Smart Compose suggestions are not mandatory to use if you feel that the suggestion provided is as per your need then just hit tab and the sentence will be auto-completed. Note that Smart Compose works only when you start to type something, it does not work on blank compose body.

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