Gaming studios in Subscription Business

Subscription services have become the talk of E3 2019. As it is seen game developers and console makers are looks to shift the way of gaming marketplace. Every publisher is offering subscription plans for gaming just like Netflix, or we can say “Netflix for Gaming”. Gamers subscribe to monthly subscription plans of publishers.

Ubisoft developers are launching their own Subscription plan Ubisoft UPlay Plus. Microsoft spending millions of dollars in an attempt to fill out its consumer with game pass subscription. EA’s origin access for PC players, with EA monthly subscription, also coming up soon.

Google is also coming up with its subscription service by the end of this year, names Google Stadia to stream games on cross-platform devices. Google Stadia, a cloud-based console that can be accessed on any device.

Google Stadia

People want to experience new games but its come at a certain cost. Lots of games require a high end PC. Every game has a certain price to play these titles. Giving people a subscription service that includes new games and old favorites address that problem and offers publishers a constant source of revenue. Game streaming service will have to justify their monthly or annual costs with the content. As more companies like Ubisoft and Square Enix start thinking of entering the race to dominate subscription-based services, Microsoft has one major advantage: a low cost. Xbox Game Pass is only $9.99 on both console and PC. That’s cheaper than Ubisoft’s proposed $14.99 a month. The only cheaper option available right now is EA’s Origin Access at $4.99 per month (or $29.99 per year), but it doesn’t have the same extensive library offering that Game Pass does.

It is now a subscription business rather than game selling. Also, gamers will have a huge range of game collection at just certain monthly costs. Services like Google Stadia, Ubisoft’s UPlay Plus are popping up in this year. We have already seen the look of them at E3 2019.

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