Game Builder Google

Google developed a game last year in November, which is being popularised by them now. Game Builder is a video game for PC and Mac, in which you can design your own 3D game. In this video game, a person is allowed to design its own game without having a piece of knowledge about coding. It is simply based on the drag-drop of tools to form the designs. It has quite the same look of Minecraft’s game.

Users won’t have to worry about creating their own 3D models or objects to use for their game. Game Builder has its own ‘Creation Library’ or they can search for 3D models on Google Poly, Google’s own library of 3D models. Whether it’s an FPS game or a simple platformer, the game supports both the genres.

There are features in this video game by which you can share your work or even build a game with your friends together, multiplayer.

While the whole idea of the game is to let people start designing without having any expertise in coding. The game does allow people to get more advanced as their interest grows. The interaction system works with “if this then that” logic. And players can craft their own interactions with JavaScript if they’re familiar with it.

The fanbase of this game is increasing like fire. and the reviews are quite positive .

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