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During the launch of Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung claims that the hinge of Fold will last up to 200,000 folds and they estimated it as 5 years of usage.

But unfortunately, in a test conducted by CNET, it lasts only 120,000 folds. In a stream of 12 hours, they have mounted a folding robot. This robot pays no mercy in folding and unfolding the Galaxy Fold.

If we calculate the efficiency of the CNET experiment, it comes to 0.6 or 60%. Which in return estimates 3 years and 7 months of usage.

Earlier, Square Trade also conducted a similar test (Video) with the same FoldBot in which they also stopped at the same mark. In that test, some deterioration in hinge and screen can be seen, but gradually it was recovered.

But in the case of CNET, at 119,380 fold we can see blackout on one side of the screen.

But we can see there is no consistent result. Both of the experiments shows different results. In the first case, there is only temporary damage which was recovered gradually. But, in the second case, the phone is not usable at all.

Though for Galaxy Fold, Samsung is giving a replacement for $150, if your screen fails or gets damaged (Valid for Fold purchased this Year).