Quick Fix for Android Speed

Android is something everyone is having today. Out of 10, 8-9 people will be having an Android Device either at home or along with them. While operating with Android you might have felt that your device gets slower with time or even in a short time. Android Speed issues are major Android issue that all of us face at some point in time.

In this, we will list some Quick Changes that you can make to have a buttery smooth performance for a long period of time.

Quick Changes for Android Speed Issue

1. Remove Unused Application Time to time

As we are aware that maintenance of anything is a crucial part of any device. The same holds with the Android Device too. You should remove Applications that you are not using anymore on a regular basis.


  • Keeps the storage Clean
  • Makes space for useful apps
  • Avoid collection of junk

To remove unused apps just Go to SETTINGS -> APPS -> SELECT APP and uninstall.

2. Use Latest Software

Keeping system up to date is a good practice to follow. It not only optimize the device performance but also keeps you secure from known latest threats in the market. Here we are concerned with the System (Android) as well as Application (Play Store) updates.


  • Optimizes the performance
  • Bugs removal
  • May take less space on the device after updating
  • Security issues resolved
  • Improves Android Speed

To check for latest system update: Go to SETTINGS -> ABOUT DEVICE -> CHECK FOR UPDATE

To check for Application updates: Go to PLAY STORE -> MY APPS -> CHECK FOR UPDATES

3. Keep less widgets and Apps on Home Screen

This is something that is subjective. Many of us will not agree that this thing really affects android speed. But, it really affects the speed of your phone, especially during booting. You can relate this to PC’s if you have a hell lot of thing on your desktop you may have felt slow loading speeds. Similarly with Android, if you have a lot of widgets and apps on the main home screen it will affect the Android speed.

4. Turn Off Extra Features not used by you

There are many features that Android device manufacturers are giving along with their devices. Most of us might not be using those features. So, why should we keep those features ON? hence, the unused features must be toggled OFF if it’s not useful for you. Features like: Ambient Display, Gestures, Shortcuts (OFF Screen). These features take a handful amount of juice of your device.

5. Android Functions should be Toggled

If you have a concern regarding Android speed then you should toggle the functionality such as Bluetooth, WiFi, Mobile Data etc OFF when not used by you for a long time. These functions not only affect your device’s performance but also drains your battery.


  • Improves Battery Life
  • Surely will improve Android Speed
  • Keeps battery healthy

Things (Apps) you can do to Improve Android Speed

1. Use Google Files App

This app is a must-have app if you want to keep your Android neat and clean from inside. As we have discussed that you should uninstall the unused apps. This Google Files app will suggest you those apps which you should disable to improve your Android Speed. Moreover, this app will also suggest which files you should delete. Rest, just download and explore the app. This app surely helps you in many ways.

2. Do not use any optimizer app

Optimizer Apps such as Battery Optimizers, RAM Cleaner etc. These types of surely work the way they claim. But, they also have a negative side. These Optimizers clears up the RAM by killing apps running in the background. In the list of apps killed there are also several system apps that are to be used by system frequently. Hence, whenever they kill the process, the system keeps on re-running those necessary apps. In this way, it consumes a hell lot of efforts from Processor, RAM and battery of your Android device.


More points will be going to be added soon… Till then You can also put your thoughts on this in the comments!!!

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