More than one flare gun

PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battle Ground is the most addicting game of the era. Both PUBG and PUBG Mobile have the same popularity. The game developers are upgrading the game day by day by adding different features in the game. Flare gun is the addition in the game which increased the excitement at some another level. This will help you with the question ‘Where to Find the Flare Gun’.

By firing this gun in the area a player can order a special Drop for himself which will carry 2 rare guns and armour also.

Basically, it is a matter of luck to find the flare gun. But there are some hot spots where the probability to find the flare gun is high. And it only depends on your capability to loot to find it.

Hot Spot

Now, if you want to find the flare gun than the best spot is Novorepnoye. The loot here is more than sufficient for a whole squad. And the probability to find the  Flare gun is too high. We have reported some instances where a single squad has found 4 flare guns only by looting this area.


The second hot spot is Georgopol . There is also a high probability to find the find the Flare guns. Here we have reported an instance where a single squad founded 3 flare guns.

At all the other places it is a matter of luck to find it or not.

Precautions in PUBG and PUBG Mobile

You have to take care of some things in PUBG or PUBG Mobile before firing the guns here.

As both places are at the corner of the erangle map, so the no. of squads falling from a plane is high at both the places. so you have to be good at survival.

PUBG Mobile Flare Gun

The other thing which you have to care about is most important. At both places, there are many warehouses which bring up the trouble. As you fire the gun the dropping of the drop has high chances to fall over the warehouses. And there is no way to collect the drop from up there.

So at both the places, you have to try to fire the gun in the middle of the area or at least at a gap from the warehouses.

These are some hotspots and ways by which you can find a Flare Gun in PUBG PC or PUBG Mobile. Comment your favourite spot of landing.

Apart from these some tips which you can use to Get Chicken Dinner in your PUBG game.

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