When you open any page on the Google Chrome browser, it connects you to the internet, fetches the latest version of the page. If you are offline it shows you an error message with a dragon on the screen. But from now you can use the google chrome even when you are offline.


Mozilla and Internet Explorer are already providing offline browsing that autosaves a copy of web pages as you browse the Internet and displays this local copy when you are not connected to the Internet.

Enabling Offline Browser

Before you enable offline mode, you should know that you will have to enable the feature from Chrome flags. Type chrome://flags and hit Enter. Access the experimental features page and search for the “Enable Offline Load Stale Button” option. Click “Enable” against the option and restart your browser. After Enabling it whenever you are offline you will get an option to view saved copies.


Google Chrome caches all the HTML content, JavaScript, CSS and the images associated with the pages. It means your offline pages will not be so different from the original one.

Know More about Chrome Flags

Try this by switching off your data or wifi there is a slight amount of chance that it might not work on your device as this is an experimental feature.

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