Ransomware protection by windows Defender

Ransomware is one of the many threats that can occur in your PC. But it is slightly different from regular threats that you see in a PC. In ransomware, your files get locked by an encryption key. These files can be from your personal data to system files. We are in a world where data/information is everything. So, if someone has your data he has everything about you.

How Ransomware Spread?

Ransomware spread mainly through the Internet. When you download something from a malicious site. And as you open that file, it starts some code that put encryptions on your files. Once the encryption is successfully applied, when you try to access your file it asks for the key. You might get a Windows asking for payment. And trust us that the payment amount is huge.

To overcome this ransomware you have only two options. First, forget the files and start with the new one (in case of windows file are encrypted as well). Second, give that huge amount to get the key, which is not guaranteed that you will be getting the key in return. Recent, you might have heard of Wanna Cry Ransomware that shook the whole Windows users especially Windows XP users. So, why not stay protected instead of facing the crisis.

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Stay protected from the threat using Windows Defender only.

Windows Defender Setting to Prevent Ransomware

You might be using an Antivirus instead of Windows Defender but trust us you can be safe with Windows Defender as well. If you have money or budget to buy an Antivirus you can provide extra security but Windows Defender is complete in itself. Let’s take a look at how you can enable ransomware protection in Windows Defender.

1. Open Settings and proceed to Updates

Windows Settings

2. Open Security and Proceed to Virus Protection

Windows Security

3. Scroll down and open Ransomware setting

Ransomware : Settings
Click On “Manage Ransomware Protection”

4. Toggle Controlled Folder ON

Ransomware : Controlled folders

You are all done with the basic setting of protection against the threat. There are some extra settings that you can go with to enhance your security.

You have two options one is “Allowed App” and other is “Protected Folders”

Ransomware : Allowed app

Allowed App contains all those apps that you allow to make changes to system files as well as your personal data.

Ransomware : Protected Folders

Protected Folder is a collection of all those folders that you want to keep protected from any unwanted changes. System Folders are added by default along with several other folders such as music videos etc. You can add your personal folders here to keep them protected from ransomware.

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