The boring company

The billionaire entrepreneur and CEO Elon Musk tweets on Thursday, December 6 that the Boring Company first test tunnel for its high-speed transit system will open for public viewing on December 18. Which is a week later than originally thought. This was planned in California and known to be the California Tunnel.

Elon Musk, California Tunnel By The Boring Company

The event has been organised near Space Exploration Technologies Corp. headquarters in Hawthorne, California. Elon Musk said that his first ride was Incredibly profound and epic. The tunnel is 3/4  mile long. Having an internal diameter of 12 feet. With a 14 feet outer diameter. The concrete walls are fabricated to be one foot thick. Most lengths of the tunnel were painted white. Having strings of blue LEDs. These LEDs lights the way. Lighting begins with green and ends with red.

Elon musk california tunnel by the boring company

The actual way of transit in the California tunnel is envisioned as tube encased skates that individual vehicles would drive. And it was simpler at the launch than it was at conception. Elon Musk said that the only vehicle which can enter these tunnels in the future will be an autonomous electric vehicle. Those are going to have deployable tracking wheels. Not necessarily to be Tesla vehicles. All the vehicles will have tracking wheels. This is either during production or by $200-to-$300 after-market.

Some More Info About Elon Musk Tunnel

In the beginning, the fastest tunnels ride a rate of a mile every three to six months. Which costs up to $1 billion per mile in some heavily populated cities. Instead, Company hopes to improve its speed by automating the erection of concrete tunnel segments. Elon Musk said that he has spent around $40 million of his profound and funds on The Boring Company. He marks that he had expected the venture to eventually pay off.