EELO and Android

We all are aware that Windows is the popular Operating System for Desktop and Laptop PC’s, similarly, we have Android (Developed by Google Inc.) and IOS (Developed by Apple Inc.).
Both, the Google and Apple contribute to more than 98% of the mobile industry as a choice of an Operating system instead we have some more Companies which develops an operating system for mobile but there are not popular such as Microsoft Windows Operating System, blackberry etc.

Gael Duval, creator of Mandrake Linux which is popular early Linux distribution has confirmed that he is working on EELO Operating System which works on the basis of Android platform but does not have any Google Play Services this means, the OS will not have any Google Play Store, Google Apps etc. His main plan to build this OS is to get back his privacy and he says that eelo will be an open based source OS which will allow users to use online services and interactive contents with an attractive interface.

EELO interface

Going with this type of trend is not new, previously some of the companies also does this type of thing. Alibaba, China-based E-Commerce site has developed its own Operating System called YUN OS which is based on Android but does not have any Google Services. Alibaba drops Google Services in view of local services.
Similarly, Gael Duval is doing this thing to prevent Apps which collect user data and is not good for the privacy of the user, moreover, he said that in long-term Google, Apple, Facebook etc business models are harmful to our economic and social environments.

He added that EELO will also be based on Lineage OS (formerly, CyanogenModOS) but ensures that EELO will never be a business model for him. EELO will rely on privacy-enabled DuckDuckGo and Qwant for search. However, users still have a choice to choose there desired search engine (for example Google which provides better results).