Google photos is one of the best photos backup service out there. I personally use Google Photos to backup all my photos at zero cost. Though there are many cloud services {Must Read} where you can store your photos like Dropbox etc. The most important point about Google Photos is that they provide a free backup of photos with optimum quality. Rest of the service providers provide limited space with a subscription is more space is required.

Recently, Google announced that they will withdraw auto sync between Google Photos and Drive. This will change surely not impact your photos backed up with google. Though you would need to learn new way to backup your photos.

Google Photos Backup Methods

1. Backup on Mobile Device

You need to follow some pet steps to back up your photos with Google Photos.

  1. If do not have Google Photos application, just download it from the respective app store. Play Store, Apple App Store.
  2. Tap on the three-line menu icon and select “Settings.”
  3. Tap on “Backup and sync.”
  4. You need to check the toggle is in “ON” position

2. Backup On Desktop Or PC

If you are storing your photos onto your PC or Desktop, then you can back up them too. Just follow these steps to back up your photos with Google.

  1. Download Backup and Sync from: Backup and Sync
  2. Click on Get Started
  3. Choose what you want to Sync and hit “Next”
  4. In the end, you can choose if you want to sync your Google Drive data to your PC or not.
  5. After finishing all the steps hit start.

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