YouTube Premium 1080p Download

YouTube recently launched its premium version. Where you can experience ad-free content on YouTube. In Premium version of YouTube you can experience your favourite content flawlessly, and ad-free moreover, you have the option to play in the background. This premium version is slightly different from that Red subscription of YouTube.

In YouTube Premium, you can enjoy some premium shows just like any content streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

YouTube Premium

Now, YouTube is releasing an option to download your content in 1080p. Initially, you have the option to download videos at a maximum resolution of 720p, even video is available in higher resolutions. But, now you can do that. You can enjoy your shows or content in 1080p on the go. We are not sure when 4K or 2160p downloading option will be coming. But we will surely update you when its there.

This feature is kind of in A/B testing phase as few people are getting this update for downloading 1080p videos. Initially, the rollout started with an iPhone user. Subsequently, Android users are also getting this update. Comment down whether you are able to download premium content in 1080p.