Find My Phone

It is very painful when you lost your phone during travel or sometimes it may happen that someone stole it from you. This situation is totally unpredictable and unavoidable. It is very important that you safeguard your privacy and confidential information that is stored in your Android phone to get it from stolen it can be a credit card information or anything that can harm you financially or even personally. If you lose your Android phone then you can do this to safeguard your privacy on my get it back. each and every Android smartphone Google has installed some security software and device manager to help the user to tackle this situation.

Here is the thing which you should do whenever you lost your Android phone

  • Open any browser and go to Google page and search to find my phone you can do this on any other smartphone or PC. I would suggest you should search for it on the PC.
  • Sign into your Google account with the same account that is used to login within your lost smartphone.
  • Google will show you the last scene location of your smartphone on the map.
  • After your Android smartphone is detected on the map you can immediately ring the smartphone by clicking on the play sound button. This will bring your device at full volume for 5 minutes whether your phone is silent on vibrate.
  • If your phone is stolen and you are not aware of it totally then you should not use this option because it might alert the thief about this detection.
  • In that case, we will refer you to safeguard your privacy. To do that you have to click on enable lock and erase button. This will lock your device with your pin pattern or password if you don’t have a lock you can set one right there. And also flash the message on the lock screen so that someone can help in return if they found your phone.
  • If you choose an Erase button then this will permanently delete all the data and files on your device. But, once you proceed with this option then find my device feature won’t work on the device anymore.

One more and most important thing to make this find my phone feature work then your smartphone must have an active internet connection. And also the device must be switched on.

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