We all have somewhere may encounter the different architecture of processor, that is 32 bit and 64 bit. We all have wondered what are these numbers and what they mean.
So here is the answer.
The basic difference between them is the execution power i.e the amount of data they can process at a given instant.
Let us take an example to understand it. Suppose we have a 64bit size of data to be executed. Now the 32bit processor will have to work twice (32 +32) to execute the complete data, whereas the 64 bit processor will do it at once i.e whole data is executed at once. Hence taking less time than the 32 bit processor.
Besides this there is also the difference between the amount of memory they can handle. In case of 32 bit processor it can only handle upto 4 GB of RAM whereas 64 Bit processor can make upto 32 GB or even more.
Hence the efficency of 64 bit processor is more than that of 32 bit.
It’s all about 32 and 64 bit processor, but we also came across with the types of OS based on the type of CPU architecture.
This is simple to explain, if you have a 64 bit processor then using a 64 bit OS is beneficial as it will use all the resources of a CPU very efficiently.
For consumer convenient the Processor manufacturer make 64 bit processor to be compatible with 32 bit version of OS.
64 bit processor can execute 32 bit instructions but 32 bit processor can not execute 64 bit instructions efficiently.