deep web and dark web websites

We all surf the internet to get our favorite stuff. We assume that the Internet is just Search engines and results which they show. But we are wrong. Actually, the Internet we know is very less in size, it is about 1 % of the total Internet. There are many things on the Internet with which we are not familiar. You may have heard about Deep Web and Dark Web. These Deep Web Websites and Dark Web Websites are the hidden part of the Internet. Both these contribute to the almost entire Internet.

Deep Web:

The concept of the deep web is simple. The deep web is that part of the network that contains material, information and web pages that are not indexed in any of the existing search engines such as bing, google, yahoo, etc. So in the hypothetical case, that search engines could index the entire content on the web would mean that the deep web would disappear.

Deep Web WebSites

– Content stored by the governments of different countries.
– Organizations that store information. For example, NASA stores information about the scientific investigations it carries out
. Other information stored may be meteorological data, financial data, directories with information on people, etc.
– A multitude of databases of different kinds. The databases represent a very important% of the information stored in the
deep web.
– Forums of diverse themes.

Dark Web:

Behind the anonymity of the censor-resistant platforms, Dark Web has flourished a thriving trade of all that is illegal
and unacceptable in civil society. In their book Cryptopolitik and the Darknet, researchers Daniel Moore and Thomas Rid
claimed that around 57% of the Dark Web includes illicit content. From contraband substances to automatic assault
weapons, from the disturbing imagery of gore and child abuse to hired assassins, you can find just about anything and
everything listed on the many thriving marketplaces on the Dark Web, if you know where to look.

Dark Web WebSites

– Drug sales.
– Pornography.
– The black market of assassins.
– Documents classified as, for example, those of WikiLeaks. (Well I would say that this bad is not.)
– Crackers forums in search of victims.
– Phishers, spammers, botnet agents, in search of victims.
– Pages to buy or manufacture weapons.
– Piracy of books, movies, music, software, etc.

NOTE:- It should be noted that 90% of content that exists in the deep web is accessible to all users and 10% of content that exists in the Dark web is safe to access.

These are some things that can be found on Deep and Dark web Websites. But never ever try to give them a try. They are completely illegal to interact.

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