Google Chromecast Vs Firestick from Amazon

Chromecast Vs Firestick is the next question after CPU Vs GPU. Both the devices are meant to do the same things. But there are some differences as well. Chromecast and Firestick are casting devices from Google and Amazon. Both the devices are used to stream online content on the TV. Both can make a normal Tv with HDMI port a smart TV.

Chromecast VS Firestick Differences and Similarities

1. Design

A design will be the first thing that people will care about. Chromecast and Firestick both have good design in themselves. Chromecast is circular in shape. In Contrast, Firestick is rectangular in shape. Chromecast comes with a magnetic surface which makes the design compact and sleek. In contrast, firestick does not have such magnetic surface. Though the design of Amazon device is still great.

2. Setup

Both the devices come with a simple and easy first setup process. All you need is the account. In the case of Amazon device, you need to sign in with Amazon and you are ready to go. Whereas in Google casting device you need some simple steps to follow to connect your Chromecast. Due to friendly UI of Google, you will find Chromecast setup a bit easier.

3. Interface

This section is clear. You all know Google will take this easily. As Amazon Firestick has its own OS. This makes the navigation a bit strange for new people. Google’s device works with your smartphone so you do not encounter any new Interface. This makes things easier to setup and use. As people are clearly regular with their Phones so the setup and navigation are easier. In contrast, Amazon Firestick has all new OS Interface so the setup and navigation will be new for people. So, clearly in terms of Interface Google has an upper hand.

4. Streaming Content

In this section, Amazon device will be a clear winner. As it has a lot of things to show content from. In contrast, Google provides content from YouTube and all the Web along with Netflix and Hotstar. Whereas, Amazon Firestick has a lot of inbuilt apps to stream content from. An advantage in Google Chromecast is that you can cast your smartphone on tv so you can get anything you want. This is a major point in Chromecast Vs Firestick discussion. As both are meant to stream content.

5. Search

As discussed above Google uses the Web for searching. In contrast, Amazon searches only in the built-in apps such as Amazon Prime. This thing gives Google device an upper edge in Chromecast Vs Firestick discussion. Searching content is easier in Google as it searches the whole Internet as well as you can cast your Screen.

6. Control System

In the case of Amazon, you get a traditional remote to control your Firestick. Whereas, in Google device, you do not get any such remote. This makes Google Chromecast an advance device over Amazon device. Google gives you the freedom to control the device from your Smartphone this look advance and future thing over Amazon.

Verdict in Chromecast Vs Firestick Comparison

In Chromecast Vs Firestick Discussion, we can only say that both the devices are good to use. Both have some positive as well as negative things. If you concern about making your TV a smart TV then it will Google’s device which will do this perfectly.

If you are concerned with streaming inbuilt content then Amazon Device will be perfect. And if you want a complete package then again here comes the Google. At last, we all know Google always provide a great device so Google Chromecast will be better but Amazon Firestick is still better in some context. This is all regarding Chromecast Vs Firestick discussion.

Comment your own favorite device among them and why you like them.

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