What does camera aperture and micron size means while comparing different camera either on smartphones or on camera ( Still camera and DSLR ).
Here what they mean and how to choose the best one on the basis of these specification.
There the basically two main things which decides the performance of the camera in different lighting conditions.
One is Aperture, now what is aperture, it is the light catching capacity of any lens. It is generally given as f/1.7, f/2.0 etc.
Now how to distinguish these. The lower the number is the more is the aperture of lens i.e. the capacity of lens size is more. More the aperture is, the more light it will capture in low lighting conditions. Lower aperture number is helpful in taking pictures in low lighting conditions, as it allows more to light to enter the lens and make the picture more brighter.
Now what is  the micron pixel size, you have also seen something written like 2.5ยตm, its called the micron pixel size this symbolises the size of each pixels present inside the lens. Its also helpful as of aperture in taking good quality pictures because it captures the minute details of the object if the pixel size are big.
In short both the aperture and micron pixel size are responsible for the better performance of the camera lens.
This is same for both smartphones as well as DSLR but the difference is that in case of DSLR we can adjust aperture size of the lens but for smartphones it is fixed as decided by the manufacturer.