Call of Duty Legends of War Download Now


Call of Duty franchise has only grown from strength to strength. Since the launch of the original way back in 2003. Since then, the franchise explored a range of scenarios ranging from World War II, Modern Warfare, Vietnam War era, and even futuristic warfare. However, the developers decided to limit the action to only PCs and consoles.

That is all set to change as Activision, the company behind the Call of Duty franchise. They teamed up with Tencent Games, the company behind the Pubg franchise. To launch a game specifically geared towards the mobile platform.

Game Modes

Call of Duty Mobile an  FPS game that features a multiplayer. Where players can compete with and against others from across the world. It has various match types such as Team Deathmatch, Frontline and Free for All.

Since it is a Call of Duty game, it will also feature the beloved zombies’ mode, which could be played solo or by teaming up with other people across the globe.

Maps, Characters and Weapons

Most of the iconic maps that we are used to seeing in the PC and console versions of the games will make their way to the mobile game, as well.

The developers behind the game promised that the players could play as some of the memorable characters that they have encountered while playing Call of Duty all these years. Some of these include Captain Price and Ghost from the Modern Warfare series.

Again, like the others, one will get to experience an expansive array of weapons in Call of Duty: Legends of War along with a fully customizable experience that will allow one to modify the loadout to their liking. The game is free to download and play, but one can expect it to be dotted with microtransactions.

Call of Duty: Legends of War is currently in the beta stage and is available for select Android devices. The full global launch is expected to take place before July 2019 for both Android and iOS devices.

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