While purchasing any device i.e any electronic device which consist of a processor we may have heard about its architecture which is a wide range starting from 28 nm to 10 nm. I am not talking about only mobile processor but also about desktop processor.
So what are these numbers and what does they mean ?
Here is the answer. These numbers signifies the width of separation between the cores present inside the processor. These are responsible for the better performance of the processor.  The lower the number is the most efficient processor it will be.
Let’s take an example from a day to day life, suppose you have to cross the road then the amount of energy you require will depend on the size of the road hence the same is with processors too. They require more power to cross a wall width of 28nm as compared to 10nm.
Not only these are significantly responsible for the power consumption by the processor but also are responsible for the better performance i.e speed of the processor. The less the width of the road the less time you will take to cross it and hence same is here, the less the wall width the more will be the processor speed apart from its frequency.
For better understanding let’s take an example, suppose you have two processors of same speed but different architecture (wall width), then the performance and power efficiency of the processor will be more which has lower architecture.