Apple WWDC 2019

Apple announced a new powerful and of course expensive Mac Pro late Monday. But you may not buy it. A series of small updates on a bunch of Apple products and services. Two of them deserve a closer look: A “sign in with Apple” option and suggestion bar to share photos through iMessage or email.

Sign in with Apple

What do you do once an app you have downloaded prompts you to log in? You tap one of these, of course: “Sign in with Google” or “Sign in with Facebook”. It’s convenient and hassle-free. But remember Cambridge Analytica? Those Facebook Logins open up a highway of data sharing. Facebook gets an insight into your usage pattern on a third-party app, and the app gets data on your name, profile photo and a lot more. Of course, the Analytica scandal prompted Facebook to clean up much of their act but Apple is saying: “Why to take the risk? Log in with your Apple ID, instead”. Apple makes money selling products: phones, tablets, accessories. Thus does not rely on user data like Google and Facebook, who make money through ads. So Apple is pitching its login as a more secure option.

Share privately

Remember Mark Zuckerberg’s recent embrace of a “privacy focussed” network? Zuckerberg and Co. want Facebook and Instagram and Messenger and WhatsApp to be like a living room rather than a town square. Share photos and more with people you know. Apple appears to be saying: “Why not do that outside of a social media altogether?” After the new Apple update, a user trying to share a photo from the gallery would see a suggestion bar that would let him share it via mail or iMessage with his most-contacted person. Of course, one could have chosen to do this even before. But by urging users to opt for iMessage or email, Apple is taking a leaf out of game theory, plan something for an optimal outcome.

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