Apple will fix Siri to read lock screen notification bug soon

iOS 11 was one of the buggiest iOS releases in history.Recently it was reported that Apple unknowingly left a major loophole open in its newest iOS version and the smartphone, iPhone X. The Original bug allowed Siri to read out lock screen notification for third-party apps, like WhatsApp, facebook, even if you turned off message preview while the phone is locked.No Jailbreak, no software downloads needed.


All you need to do, just hold down the home button on most iPhone or a side button for the iPhone X to activate Siri without voice recognition and ask to read notifications. This problem remains in iOS 11.3 beta and iOS 11.2.6 devices until Apple issues the fix.


As a temporary fix, you can turn off the lock screen notification for the apps of which you don’t want Siri to read out loud. If in case you want to keep the notification on the lock screen, you can disable siri when you lock your device.


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No need to worry about, Apple is aware of the issue and that a fiz is on the way. In a statement on the mater provided to MacRumors, Apple said, ” We are Aware of the issue and it will be addresses in an upcoming software update.” While no specific timeline is given, but the fix will be arriving sooner due to security ramification of the bug.