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With the launch of new iPhones Xs and Google Pixel devices this year, that’s not even necessarily the biggest Apple vs Google showdown this year. Along with the launch of the new Apple iOS 12 update and Google’s Android pie (9.0) update. And no matter how hard Apple tries, here are some of the top features that make Android a strong competitor. Here are the top 5 features that iOS can’t beat with Android. Android vs iOS showdown.

1. Google Maps

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Safari, an iOS Maps is a functional enough app, able to give turn-by-turn directions. However, Google Maps are much better than that. You can search for eating joints and shopping malls around you, use Maps-specific address codes to help locate something better. Google has even teased a way a virtual guide could lead you through an unknown city in future. As well as you can add your own business on Google maps without any hassle, which a plus point in google maps.

2. Google Photos

Photos on iOS 12 introduced a few new features this time around like ‘For You’, which sorts your photos by events, as well as improving search functions. On the other hand, Google Photos has had that capability for a while and has progressed far beyond. The app is capable of searching for photos with pets, from certain locations, and even with particular people in them. It’s a clearly more robust system than iOS has just yet. Also, Google photos offer unlimited cloud storage if photos are stored optimized on the cloud.

3. Voice Assistant

iOS has been lagging behind Android in the digital assistant department for quite a while now. Despite adopting voice activation fairly early, Siri has remained limited in capabilities. Google Assistant is far more forward-thinking, with users able to use to finely control their smart home, ask contextual questions based on what’s on screen, and even teach your kid manners. Not only this, from the recent Google i/o 2018 event, Google assistant now can even make real calls and book an appointment for you. Which is far beyond for Siri.

4. Multitasking

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Moving on the list of Android vs iOS showdown, we have one of the most basic features of now that iOS users are missing on iPhones, that is Multi-tasking. Even with iOS 12 update, iPhone users get nothing of the sort.  Android Pie, on the other hand, does let you use two apps simultaneously, whether on a tablet or smartphone.

5. Managing screen time

With latest Android Pie release, the new Android has a dashboard that not only shows you how much time you’re spending looking at your phone, but which apps you’re in when you do that too. If you set app usage limits, it also visibly greys out the icons to remind you. Additionally, the Wind Down mode lets you pick a bedtime and then automatically fades your entire display to greyscale when it comes around. Another feature in which iOS is lagging.

This is the complete list of top 5 of apps and features, in which iOS is far beyond than Android users. We hope you like our Android vs iOS showdown list, and if you have something to add on it then just comment below.

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