Android Q just got an update regarding its name. As per the previous trend, Google will not be going to name it on a dessert name. So, relax about those massive names which are placed in the title.

So, which name Google will give to its next Android 10 version? As per them, the names of dessert do not grab the attention of the people as most of the people are not familiar with these names. So, Google decided to end this and name its next Android as Android 10 only.

Apart from this, Google also conveyed that there will be a change in their mascot as well. As we all are aware that, Android bot in green color is used since its first release. Talking about changes, Android mascot will not come in yellowish-green color; it shifts to blueish-green. Google said that people with color blindness have an issue with yellow color, and adding more blue color will help them to recognize because most people have color blindness for green-red combinations.

Apart from this Google also introduced some new color that will be there along with Android Green (#3ddc84), which includes Blue (#4285f4), Navy (#073042), Orange (#f86734), Chartreuse (#eff7cf) and an unspecified sky blue shade. Combinations of these color will build the visual assets and help people to recognize things easily. This will also go with Google new trend of colors.

Now let’s take a look at the logo. The font of the “Android” has been changed and is curvier. Also, the Android mascot is a part of the logo. Google is ditching the rest of the body of the robot, and the head is the only part that will now be visible in branding. The essence of material design can be easily seen in the logo.