Android Q

Google is taking its sweet time to reveal the latest Android distribution figures. But they are not stopping here, with the Android Q speculation from doing rounds on the web. Android Q could bring a major visual overhaul in the user interface of the smartphones in the form of Dark Mode UI.

This is not coming from any string of codes but directly from a Googler via a post in the Chromium bug tracker. The user also revealed that the search giant is planning to turn all the UI elements in apps to be themed dark in the next four months.

Turning all the UI elements dark before Android Q rollout is understandable and a coherent approach. We can see that Google has already begun the process with its Messages app that now has a Dark Mode. So, one can expect the same to arrive in other native apps as well soon.

In the Chromium blog post, the user mentions that Dark Mode may be an optional feature inside the browser. This will also mean changes in the omnibox, overflow menu, tab switcher and other elements. In addition, you can switch for Dark Mode under Settings > Display > Dark Mode in Android Q. The firm can move the rollout timeline, if all the apps are not supporting Dark Mode natively by the given time frame.

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