android q features

Android Q Beta has been released by Google. This new version of Android comes with tonnes of new improvements over Android P. If you have any Pixel device then you can install Android Q on your device have fun. For those who have to wait for the update can look at the listed Android Q features. These features of Android are worth looking.

Android Q Features List

1. Native Screen Recorder

Android Q brings the native screen recorder. Using this feature you can clearly recorder your screen. This eliminates the use of third-party apps for screen recorder.

By default, you can not find an option for screen recording. You have to enable the option from Developer Options. After this, you can find Screen Recording option from the screenshot option in the power menu. Hold the screenshot option and you will see the option. Configure according to your need and start. A nice feature from Android Q. Users always wants such a handy feature inbuilt.

2. Theme Accent

Native Theme accent is here. You can set the colors of setting icons, notification toggles using this feature. You will find the Theme Accent setting under Developer Options. This can be related to Monochrome thing which used to be there for earlier Android. But, this is quite advance. Along with Accent color, you also get the traditional icon shape changer here.

Theme Accent

Theme accent only changes the icons color. If you wonder that it will put a dark theme as well. But, it will not. For this you can enable Battery saver mode. This mode will force the system to apply Dark theme. Along with system, apps that support dark theme will triggered to dark mode.

3. Location Permission

With Android Q you get some advance control over permissions. In this, Location permission has some new sets of parameters. “Allow”, “Allow when the app is in use” and last is “Deny”. You can clearly figure out how these permissions will work.

Location acccess in Android Q

“Allow” and “Deny” permission works the same as before. The new thing which is included is “Allow when the app is in use”. This permission will allow the App to access Location only when the App is in use. This means if the app is running in the background then it will not be able to access the location. A great feature that Android Q has.

4. Notification Tweaks

Some small tweaks in notification panel is also added. Now you cannot swipe out the notification from both sides. If you swipe from left it works the normal. But, if you swipe from right it will show options to Snooze the notification or modify notification setting. Now you can also toggle the notification for the app to show silently.

5. Tweaked Sharing Option

Android Q Sharing Option

If you are aware earlier we have a sharing option that took some time to load apps for sharing. This time with Android Q, Google has implemented a fast sharing option. The time taken by the older sharing menu has been significantly reduced. You will get the sharing app option way quicker than earlier.

6. Free form Windows (Floating APP)

Freeform Mode

With Android Q we get a advance split screen mechanism. This is the free form mechanism. This allows the user to use a particular app in floating mode. This comes in handy if you are using a large screen device. This is surely one of the good Android Q features.

7. Minor tweaks or changes

Surely, Android Q will come with some major and minor tweaks or changes. In this section we have listed some minor changes that you can see in Android Q Beta.

  • You get a dedicated “Privacy” Settings under Main settings.
  • No doubt you will too get performance enhancements.
  • Fonts changing option has been included.
  • New file management has the material design
  • Estimated Battery remainig time in Notification Panel.

These are some Android Q features that we think you should know. These Android Q features will help you to figure out some cool things about the update. Comment your own favorite Android Q feature and we love to list them here.

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