Yesterday, Google has released Android P official and call it Android P Pie. As we all know there are tonnes of enhancement in Android P or Android P. Some beneficial features for our daily life are listed by us. Being a new Android OS update everyone is fascinated about it. All of us want to have Android P Pie but unfortunately, due to our old devices we may not enjoy Official Android P from our manufacturer, but we have a choice to go with Custom Roms.

Android P Pie Features

Android P comes with tonnes of features as stated above, let us have a look at points.

  1. Indoor Positioning
    We all use Maps (Google Maps) frequently. Now it’s even more convenient to use Google Maps because of Indoor Positioning. You may have faced problems while navigation inside a building (Malls, shops etc). Indoor Positioning navigating inside a building is now even more convenient.
  2. Notch Support
    We think this enhancement should not be discussed as we already know that Android P pie will have a Notch support prebuilt.
  3. Notifications
    Redesigned notification panel gives a lot more options to tweak. Replying from notification panel is now even more convenient.
  4. Adaptive Battery
    From Android Nougat (7) we have a doze mode. Doze Mode prevent battery drainage efficiently while the device is in sleep mode.
  5. Gesture Navigation
    Gestures are loved by everyone. We all want our devices to full of gestures and cool swipe options. So with Android P, we will be getting a full gesture support.
  6. New Material Design
    Android P comes with a new material design UI that makes UI of Android Devices even more attractive and feel good while looking at the screen.

These are some of the features in Android P. If you want to know about more of them. Read our article on Android P features.

Devices that will get Android P Pie for sure

As said before Android P is one of those Android OS that fascinates us. The reason behind this fascination is the tonnes of features that it gives to the user. Google is testing the version of Android P in beta stages since Google IO 2018 event. Now during the course of the period, it finally releases Android P officially for Google Pixel and Android One (eligible) devices.

List of devices that will get Android P :

  1. Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL
  2. Samsung Flagship devices like Galaxy S9 and Note 8
  3. Oneplus devices like 6,5,5T and even 3/3T
  4. HMD devices i.e. Nokia devices

It is very clear that devices for which Android P beta is officially available will be getting it first, the rest of the devices have to wait for a while.

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