Android Pie features

This year’s Android update is not just another update. This update changes a lot how we use your phones daily. Here’s a list of the 7 new features of Android P which you should be excited about.

Android Pie changes a lot of things which just makes the Android experience even better. Google Pixel and some other Android flagships like the OnePlus 6 and 6T have got the update while others have to wait to enjoy the features.

New Features on Android P

Google has changed how you navigate and control your phone. There are several AI-based changes which makes using Android so much smoother. Features like the Slices, App Actions really intrigues me.

Here are all the features that should excite you.


Android Pie just introduced their new gestures on their operating system. These gestures drastically change how you interact with your device.

The trend of bezel-less phones doesn’t allow any physical home button. But trust me, these new gestures are so much better. However, they are not so snappy like iOS.

This feature doesn’t come out of the box, you need to enable gesture navigation by going to Settings  System  Gestures  Swipe up on the Home button and enable it.

Nevertheless, this new feature is exciting. Tapping on the pill will take you to the home screen, swiping up will enable the multitasking view, and a longer swipe will open the app drawer.

You can also slide the pill to switch between apps which is a nice thing to have.

Adaptive Battery

The new Android Pie uses AI to extend your battery life. But how? This new feature “Adaptive Battery” uses the DeepMind technology to learn which apps you use the most and prioritizes battery power only to those apps.

This shuts access to other apps which you don’t use frequently which means your battery lasts much longer. This doesn’t dramatically improve the battery life but still, it’s a cool little bonus to have.

Adaptive Brightness

This is another AI based feature which automatically changes the brightness of your display to match your preferences. This doesn’t have to do anything with ambient light but more to do with how you set your brightness.

Here’s an example to help you understand better. Say, at 10 PM before bed, you set your brightness to around 30%. Now, Android will remember this and adjust the brightness accordingly.

App Actions

Another dope feature introduced is the App Actions. This is another AI based feature which uses your previous usage patterns to suggest apps and certain actions. The great thing is that it’s integrated everywhere inside Android P.

A quick example to help you understand how this works. For example, you connected your earphones to your device, Google will suggest the songs you play the most, etc. Now, that’s some cool move from Google.


This new feature called Slices is similar to 3D touch but it’s a little different. This helps you get things done faster and more efficiently. Whenever you search your favorite apps, Slices will directly give you options to interact with the app.

For example, if you search for Lyft on your device, Slices will show you the options to book a cab directly for your saved locations like Home or Work. It also shows you the price. Now, that’s handy!

Shush Mode

I just love this feature, a little too much. The Shush mode is a new gesture which makes it super easy for you to turn on Do Not Disturb mode.

Just turn your phone over on a table or anything and it will automatically enable Do Not Disturb mode. This feature just lets me avoid all distractions and be productive.

Wind Down

You can’t sleep at night? Haha. This is the feature made just for you!

This feature called Wind Down is for the wellbeing of the users. You can schedule your timing just by asking Google Assistant. Once the command is triggered at your set time, your phone will turn on Do Not Disturb, turn on Night Light, and also fade the screen to greyscale.

It’s a feature which can put you to sleep and your eyes are protected too from the bright light.

Bonus: The new Dashboard

The updated Android Dashboard is really useful. It tells you how you use your phone on a regular basis. This shows how much time you’re spending on your screen and where, and things like how many times you unlocked your device.

This was built to break your smartphone addiction which is a big problem in today’s world. You can take notes on where you’re wasting your time and you can work to fix them.


There’s no doubt – this year’s Android update just made the OS even better. There are lots of UI changes which makes easier to use the phone. Then comes these dope features which are too good.

I can’t wait to get this update on my other devices. However, the gestures aren’t as responsive as they are on iPhones but it’s pretty good. There also updates to some of the apps like Google Maps and the Google Assistant.

Let me know which feature you find the most exciting. 😉

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