Android P features – Google I/O 2018

Google recently announced the update of new Android version, Android P and unveiled a range of feature at their recent Google io 2018 developers conference. Injecting the Artificial intelligence technology to the whole Android P operating system. We have listed some amazing Android P Features.

Android P beta rolled on Tuesday to it Google’s Nexus and Pixel devices but some third-party mobile companies also invited. All you need to do is head to Android Beta test page and enroll your enroll your device. Essential Phone, Sony’s Xperia XZ2, Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2S, Nokia’s 7 Plus, Vivo’s X21, Oppo’s R15 Pro. The OnePlus 6, which has yet to launch, will also be included in the Android P beta.

Here are the all the main features as unveiled at Google I/O conference:

Android P Features

1. App Time Limits:


Android P App time Limit


This time for real Google will show you how much time you spend on all apps. It’s going to let you set time limits on how long you use them. You can also put a limit on your usage of that application for the amount of time of certain day, say 15 hours, after that the App’s icon will turn grey. When you try to use that application, the Android system won’t let you open that application and there won’t be any button that let you can open that app. Once the time limit is up, you are done.


2. Smart replies for notifications:


As the whole Android P is powered by Artificial Intelligence, now the notification panel is smarter. With Android P, you will no longer have to think or write anything back to the dozens of inane messages you get – just tap a button and be done with it.


3. Gesture Navigation:


Android P System Navigation - New Feature of Android P


It’s the biggest change in the history of the Android operating system, ‘How you navigate across recent application and menu options’.

This feature looks similar to that of Apple iPhone X.Tapping the home button goes to the home page of the launcher, but swiping up once from it activates overview, while two swipes open the app drawer. But its will little bit complicated for some users, it’s hard to beat traditional ‘Home’ button.


4. App Action and predictions:

Android P App Actions - Android P features


Google is using Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, And try to predict what user want all over the android system. Android P will try to guess which app you want next. The new App actions feature goes one stage further, attempting to predict the task you are trying to perform.


5. Slices:


Android P features


A bit like the way Google surfaces information within the search on the web using boxes to display snippets of sites within the results, Slices displays information from apps directly within the Google search app. As an example, you search for Lyft, you might also get buttons to hail a ride to your home or office, saving you some extra button presses.


6. Adaptive Battery:


Android P also has a new way of categorizing apps called App Standby Buckets that separates the apps you use from those you don’t, restricting those you don’t actively use or have installed but never launched from draining the battery. It is good to see Google getting such technology the technology in Android. These are some Android P features that we think would change your life.
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