It’s almost few months since Google Inc. launched its Android Oreo and has distributed to other OEM’s to develop and design Android Oreo as per their requirement.
OEM’s are still working on Android Oreo and Google has released the very first developer preview of its next Android version which it comes to be Android P to its Pixel and Nexus devices, we have seen several new features that are going to be bundled with Android P when it will become Official.

Here we have summed up all the features present in the First Developer preview of Android P:

1. Indoor navigation with WiFi RTT

Android P adds platform support for the IEEE 802.11mc WiFi protocol- also known as Wifi  Round-Trip-Time (RTT) – to let you take advantage of indoor positioning in your Apps.
So basically what it does is that this will help you to navigate inside a building to reach your destination.
For Example: Suppose you are inside a commercial building and you are looking for a shop to purchase your stuff then this will help you to navigate to your destination very conveniently which is not present in Android Oreo.

2. Display Notch Support

Android P Notch

We all have seen a beautiful notch in iPhone X on the top and guess what, in Android P this would be a native support i.e. all the OEM’s will be able to add that notch onto their devices easily and Android can be easily optimized to that screen type.

3. Enhanced Notification

From Android Nougat (7.0) we have an option by which we can reply directly from the notification pane and in Android P this feature is going to have the following improvements:
  • Support for Image
  • Shows all conversation participants in the particular message
  • Have the option to save your replies
  • Can identify if a conversation is Group Conversation or not
  • Suggestive replies are there
  • New Do Not Disturb categories

4. Multi-Camera Support

Samsung Galaxy S4 Dual Shot
The year 2018 would be the starting of Dual Camera trend and many mobile phones even the budget range phones would be having Dual Camera, so in Android P there would be a multi-camera support that will allow you to control both the camera lens separately moreover you can activate both (front as well as rear) cameras to take shots from front as well as rear just like some Samsung Devices.

5. Improved Image Processing

As some of us would be aware that Apple uses HEIF (High-Efficiency Image File format) that uses minimum space with maximum quality, in Android P this new image file compression is added to save storage on devices without compromising the image quality so with Android P we are going to forget about our storage while capturing some memories.
You can read in depth about all the features that are going to implemented with Android P, here we have concluded some important updates that may be useful for a normal user.
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