Android Oreo Security Features


As we all know that Google always keeps Security at topmost priority, for this it always keeps on introducing new and new security features either in the for Android Security Patch, Play protect etc.
so now it is including a valuable security feature in the latest version of Android i.e Android Oreo 8.1.
Now what are those cool feature and what will they do?
Basically, there are two Features which is included as a major security,
1. Increased ability of Booting of Android
    As we are aware that earlier downgrading to an older version of Android is easier but after inclusion of this enhanced functionality for the VERIFIED BOOT, it prohibits Downgrading to older versions of Android, however, you can still do the same by ROOTING your device i.e modifying system setting.
2. OEM Hardware Abstraction Layer, or HAL(Hardware Abstraction Layer)
    This basically acts as a communicator for bootloader of the device, which helps the device to find whether the device can be unlocked or not.
In case of theft, the device cannot be unlocked and hence factory data reset cannot be performed/
This feature is applied in newer Google’s pixel phones, Inside the pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is a new security module that limits unlock attempts and doesn’t let attackers surpass your passcode without having the Encryption Key.
Google Play Protect

 In Addition to all these additions, Instant Apps now runs in sandbox (securely) and prevent them from accessing Apps and the concerned data.

It is good that now Google is focusing more on Security.