Amazon Go Store

Who so ever not hates long queues, standing for a long time, Of course yes so the big Online Megastore Giant you know that is ” Amazon ” recently opened a cashier free ” Amazon go ” store in Seattle, which opened to the public for the first time on Monday, could be what automated shopping spaces will look like in the future. 

No Cashier? Is it Real?

The Store sticks to “No LINES. NO CHECKOUT.”
It uses cameras and sensors to detect what food you’ve taken from a shelf, then automatically charges you when you walk out.The 1800 Sq. Feet store is packed with Dozen of Sensors as soon as you enter the store, Each camer put tge eyes on you and keep tracking each and evey movement you make.

Anything from drinks to bag of chips you take off a shelf is added to a “virtual” shopping cart. The store’s system knows if you pick something up and put it back.

What you Need?

  • Amazon Go app  
  • Amazon Account

Now just scan the QR Code at entrance pick the Item and just walk out, No checkout, No lines.

You can grab a souvenir mug with the store’s motto, “Just walk out shopping.” Share your’s Opinion in comment below, how successful this technology will be? We want to hear from you!