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The concept behind Agent War Origins Endless runner games are enthralling because of their constant ability to keep players on the edges of their seats while shooter games, on the other hand, are desirable because of the immersive thrill of gun combat in a virtual real-world setting. Agent War Origins is born as a result of the need to combine the best of both worlds which it does superbly merging gameplay into an action-packed battle with robot antagonists looking to lay siege to a city that agents must protect at all costs. It’s definitely one that’ll you keep you going for hours on end.


Available exclusively on Android, Agent War Origins is downloadable from the Google Play Store and comes with the following features:

  • Excellent graphics and audio: The visuals are surprisingly stunning for a mobile app and so too is the quality of the audio which combines to realize a compelling backdrop that draws your attention from the get-go. The graphical prowess is down to the use of real-leaf war scenarios of crystal-clear clarity.
  • Unique powers and abilities: Each agent is imbued with different suits and capabilities which adds a bit of diversity often lacking in games of this kind.
  • Upwards of 30 missions to complete: The game avails plenty of challenging and fun levels to rack your brain with hours of intricate gameplay.
  • An integrated UI that allows you to play throughout devices via your social networks without losing valuable progress.
  • A competitive platform that connects with friends and other people across the world through leader-boards that pits you against worthy opponents.

How the App Works

For an app that combines two entirely different concepts of gaming, mastering the controls is unexpectedly easy. Gameplay entails swiping left or right and up or down to manoeuvrer about objects in the field of play while shooting is as simple as tapping at targets across the screen. During the latter part of the game, gameplay slows down sufficiently to facilitate a seamless running and shooting strategy.

What sets it apart from similar apps?

Shooter/Endless runner concepts are a fairly new concept but besides that, there is also a lot else that makes Agent Wars Origins uniquely distinct. The use of real-life war depictions is definitely a new and welcomed concept that gives the game a sense of reality which proves one of the best selling points of any game. The fact that different agents bring different abilities to the table is also a standout aspect and merge that with the interesting storyline and you have a game that’s destined for the top-drawer. It gets a hearty thumbs up from us.

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