ADB stands for Android Debugging which is an inbuilt tool for Android to Debug. Using ADB you can do a lot of things. Here is a way to Download and Install ADB on your Computer. We have briefed out ADB Install Process and some Basic ADB Commands for beginners.

Mainly by ADB, you can do things like: Debugging your Device and Unlocking your device bootloader. Most users use ADB just to have an Unlocked Bootloader and install Custom ROMS and Custom Recoveries like twrp or Clockwork. ADB Install Process is simple. Follow these steps and you are good to go.

ADB Install Process

Step 1: Download ADB Installer From here. DOWNLOAD

Step 2: Install it as a normal software. Go through the screen and select Yes each time.

Step 3: Enable USB Debugging in your Android Devices. Guide Here

Step 4: Go to C:  and find adb folder. Holding Shift Right Click in the folder. Select Open Powershell or CMD here.

If you are a Geek who is interested in Mobile stuff, then you may have used Some Commands like adb devices, Fastboot devices, adb reboot, Fastboot reboot etc.

Here we have listed Some Basic Commands which a Beginner can use in ADB Environment.

ADB Basic Commands
1. “adb devices”

ADB Install Devices


adb devices, this command is used as a starting command. Using this command you ready up your device to be operated. This command will help you to easily communicate with your Android.
Syntax adb devices

2. “adb help”

adb help command


adb help, this command would be very beneficial if are new to adb. Just like any programming environment “adb help” would brief you some basic functionalities of attributes and commands.
Syntax adb help

3. “adb push”

ADB Push Command


If you have used CMD we have xcopy command to copy any data from one location to another. “adb push” is just like the same. Using this command you can copy any file from your PC to your Device without using your device UI. This comes in handy if your device is not booting but you want to transfer an important file.
Syntax adb push [Source path] [Destination Path]

4. “adb pull”

adb pull command


This is works just opposite to “adb push” command. This is used to transfer files from Device to your PC.
Syntax adb pull [Source path] [Destination Path]

5. “adb reboot”

Reboot Command


“adb reboot” command is used to reboot your device directly from the PC. This Command has some attributes like -bootloader, recovery etc. As the name suggests using -bootloader will reboot the device into bootloader. Using recovery will boot the device in Recovery mode.
Syntax adb reboot OR adb reboot[attribute]

6. “fastboot devcies”

adb fastboot


This “fastboot devices” command is most popular among people. Anyone who has done rooting of its device must have encountered this term. This Command basically lists all the devices currently in Fastboot Mode. You can check by this command if your device is successfully booted into the fastboot mode or not.
Syntax fastboot devices

7. “adb install”

adb install


This command “adb install” is used to install an Android Package (APK File) into your device using Android Debugging tool.
Syntax adb install [attribute] [Source]
Attribute list that can be used here are:

  1. -s: Install the app on the SD card.
  2. -d: Allow version code downgrade (debugging packages only).
  3. -g: Grant all runtime permissions.
  4. -r: Replace the existing app.

These are some of the attributes that you can use. You can find more of them from here.

8. “adb sideload”

adb install sideload


This command “adb sideload” comes handy when you are not able to update your device. Just download the latest Software from the manufacturer and install it using this command. The downloaded file should be in .ZIP format.
Syntax adb sideload [source]

These are the some basic ADB (Android Debugging tool) commands that you might want to know. If you have any queries related to this Join our Forum at Gizmeek Forum where you can post any query regarding anything.


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