Saturday, September 14, 2019

About The GizMeek

GizMeek being an organization for providing blogging services. It aims to provide updates about technology to its users with 100% authenticity. You will find all new updates here on this blog. These updates include mainly those which you might be interested in reading. We never post anything that will not benefit you. But as we have only one niche to target and there are people having a variety of interests. hence we have decided to introduce another blog onto which people can write themselves and we will publish their article on that website (Hellinsider).

Meet Our Team of GizMeek

I'm Diwakar, The Founder of Gizmeek. I Love to write all about tech and the latest updates.

Rank at GizMeek: Founder

Diwakar mainly handles all the things about GizMeek. He has a helping hand as Rishab who manages the things to get in the right way. Both of them together build this platform to get you updated with the content. Also, the hellinisider is being the idea of Rishab has been deployed for the users. Diwakar being good at writing writes articles that help you all.

Rank at GizMeek: Co-Founder

Rishabh being great at designing thing. He takes care of all the User look and feel on the website along with editing all the images and videos for our YouTube Channel. He used to manage the workflow of the blog deciding things that need to be done. He also manages GizMeek from the backend. Moreover, he tracks the updates and informs people to write about the grossing content, and he also writes some great content.

Rank at GizMeek: Head of YouTube

Vaibhav being good at scripting hence he takes care of the YouTube video scripting part. He used to decide the topic for the upcoming videos and handle all major things for YouTube channel. He is the head of Social Media. He tracks the growth and engagement of all our Social handles. Along with this he also manages our another blog which is supposed to provide users with an opportunity to write their favourite stuff. You can also contribute there.

Rank at GizMeek: Android Developer

Anurag is good at Android development. He is continuously working on our Android App that will be going to launch soon. Moreover, he is also good at writing hence write some nice articles for GizMeek. He also provides helping hand for Vaibhav in his work.