xiaomi 64MP Camera

Redmi has always had an upper edge in giving the best to its customers. They provide some great things at a great price. In their Research and Development department, something new is waiting for the customers. Actually, Samsung announced something crazy that will blow up your mind. Samsung announced ISOCELL Bright GW1 64MP camera sensor for smartphone manufacturers.

Companies might be racing to implement it first. Initially, Realme was going to showcase it on August 8, but now Redmi might be the first one to implement it by showcasing it a day earlier. Redmi is going to showcase the first 64 MP camera on August 7.

As per documents, this new sensor is supposed to output 20 MB sized images. There is a lot of information that Xiaomi will be revealing on the showcase day. There is an assumption from our side that Xiaomi will be revealing a new smartphone with Bright GW1 Sensor. Its current flagship, the K20 Pro, comes with the Bright GM1 platform with Quad Bayer layer to produce impressive 12 MP images on a 48 MP sensor. The 64 MP sensor is having Tetracell (A Samsung Quad-Bayer). So, we are going to have some crisp images.

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